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Access to the Academy’s Resource Center. Become a Community Powerhouse by learning how to be a successful fundraiser who attracts major gifts, hires and retains the best talent, and build and motivate a board that gives and gets. Then Grow! Grow! Grow!


Meet, learn and grow with other nonprofit leaders from across the country and even segment your network to your specific community. Stay up on trends and changes that impact your work and BE INSPIRED!


Let’s face it, private consulting can be costly. Our academy is created to offer access to experts who provide you with the advice and strategies you would get from a one-on-one consulting experience – all part of your exclusive monthly membership.


We are in times of urgency. You need answers now, not tomorrow, not next week when that webinar you signed up for starts. Now. We get it. You have immediate access to our team of experts Monday through Friday and access to our resource portal at 3 in the morning or 3 in the afternoon – every day, 24 hours per day. 

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How Is This Community Unique?

10 Real Differences...

Exclusively for Nonprofit Executives

You can’t effect real change without the skills to overcome challenges like COVID. You surely cannot equip your staff or your board until you have become your best leader. Here you get the tools to develop your leadership, a safe place to vent about your board or staff, and the opportunity to find the solutions to build a profitable organization that withstands an unstable economy. No more sleepless nights – you have discovered YOUR EXCLUSIVE COMMUNITY!

A Community For Every Size

We welcome ALL Nonprofits – small, mid-size, and large nonprofit executives from every sector to our community because we believe that a collective and diverse community is the only way to build a wholistic community where everyone THRIVES! We promise to keep this community engaging, inspirational, motivational, and very helpful for everyone.

It’s All About You

The Nonprofit Academy is the culmination of 12 years of multiple focus groups, surveys, workshops, one-on-one coaching and sharing to create learning opportunities and platforms for organizations across the globe. We heard you and we responded with this community. We continue to be here for you and welcome your thoughts, ideas, screams, cries, and needs. We promise to be responsive – we are your best advocates.

LIVE Access to Denise B. Lawrence

Denise has been dedicated to nonprofit development since 1987 and her 30 plus years of wisdom rests deeply in the Nonprofit Academy Community. You will get live interaction with her weekly. She has been focused on helping nonprofit executives like you since 2008. She is not retired. She leads this community and works long hours every day to deliver advice and practical tools you can use. And, she is not afraid of the Big Bad Wolf – We now call COVID19.
Learn more about Denise B. Lawrence

Local Experts You Can Talk To

While our community gives you every opportunity to build your network, our platform also includes a growing base of local experts in your community you can access for advice and solutions through ongoing events. This allows you to network and learn locally and network and learn nationally as well. We have experts in fundraising, marketing, strategy, event planning, board development, virtual learning, IT, human resources, growth management, finance, program development, compliance, and organizational management.

A Support Team Driven By Results

Everyone on our team – from workshop and podcast facilitators to advisors who answer your chats and calls on a daily basis – are all caring and committed people whose primary job is to get you the results you need. Accountability is not just expected, it is mandated and we are each accountable to YOU!

Crisis Meets Comradery

We know that COVID 19 brings unprecedented hardships on nonprofits and especially those not on the frontline providing basic services like food and shelter. How do you keep an after-school program going when schools are not meeting face-to-face? We get it because we are in it, with you. We believe in the thought that if there is a will, there is a way. We spend each day developing and tweaking opportunities to meet your will.

Access to Exclusive Opportunities

Never pay market rates for consulting services again. As a member you get exclusive access to our pool of consultants at below market rates to handle those situations that require one-on-one support. Our consultants are vetted and uphold our accountability mandate. They are local and national experts at your disposal should the need arise.

Courses on Steroids

In the very virtual world we are in, there is a plethora of workshops and webinars to choose from. Paying for one webinar after the other can be costly, and time consuming as you navigate the many offerings. Here in your Nonprofit Academy you get access to interactive workshops and webinars based on the subject matters that interest you as part of your monthly membership – no added cost, quick and easy access, trusted providers.

Never Alone Again

For just $30 per month you get exclusive access to live events offering practical ways to address your daily challenges. For just $30 per month you get access to live chats to guide you to the right resources for your organization. For just $30 per month you get access to not only a local expert but a national community – you will never be alone again.

From The Heart of Denise B. Lawrence

I have worked with nonprofits across the United States since 1987, and I have experienced times of scarcity and times of abundance with these organizations. What motivates me to keep going are the countless men and women who meet challenges like we face today head on, ready to learn, ready to take risks and ready to overcome. This work for me is the result of my life coming full circle. As an ordained pastor, I have always been driven by the biblical calling to help the lost, poor and the unjust. Helping leaders like you to build profitable nonprofits creates bold opportunities to change the lives of millions – much more than I can do alone. Nonprofits are the means to changing the lives of the suffering. This community unfolds the resources and the network to be bolder through a cost-effective and engaging platform. I am so excited about the possibilities of working together!