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ASK THE EXPERT – Creating Big Picture Grant Proposals with Alex Bennett

A grant proposal is often just one piece of the puzzle in winning the grant. There are factors in a foundation’s decision they barely mention in their guidelines. These factors include objectives internal to the foundation, what they know about your organization through their own channels, who else is applying, etc. Understanding these factors can demystify foundations’ application processes and the grant decisions they make. This discussion answers your questions about things you’ve been puzzled by, in your journey through the grant world. What are the “hidden factors” in a foundation’s decision-making? Why should organizations create favorable perceptions of themselves before the grant? How have the internet, technology and donor-advised funds changed grant-making?


ASK THE EXPERT – Federal Grants and the New Administration with Paul Komarek

The new administration is replacing agency staff and implementing numerous policy changes through executive order. And on the horizon, we expect new legislation to support economic recovery. Will these trends create opportunities for your organization? Join this discussion on the future of federal grantmaking, and what it means for your organization. Lessons from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. The Affordable Care Act and the future of healthcare grantmaking. The most important thing that new organizations can do to compete for a federal grant.


ASK THE EXPERT- Race and Equity: The First 100 Days with Jennifer Price

Has your nonprofit been sitting on a project that could impact racial disparity in your community? With the proposal of President Joe Biden's 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus bill, the funding you need to make that project a go might be near (Chronicle of Philanthropy, January 15, 2021). If the bill passes, earmarking billions of dollars for economic development loan funds available to nonprofits, will your organization be ready? Join this discussion, as we help you prepare for your nonprofit's stimulus by having a solid plan for your equity efforts. Identify at least two streams of support that could come from the Biden stimulus bill. Outline preliminary goals and objectives for a racial equity-based project. Determine which goals for the project make it a strong candidate for stimulus funding.